Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Year of Stories/Week 11

Week 11 of our collaborative project, A Year of Stories...sharing our stories with you and each other is a definite highlight of my week. Thanks for stopping in and be sure to follow our blog circle all the way through for some beautiful prose and imagery.

A bunch of randomness from us this week...

The beginning of the week we had beautiful, spring like weather and by the end of the week the cold dreariness was back. Couple that with some germy kiddos, we didn't get out much this week. Thankfully we had alot of March Madness basketball to watch! Unfortunately our team lost, VCU, but had a good short run. So here are our ESPN brackets as of today, the points we have and the points we have left to possibly get. When asked how she picked her teams Sophie said "Of course I picked VCU to win. And then I picked the teams with the best colors." A solid strategy for an 11 year old.

Gary   360  1120
Tess   380  1160
Hannah   390  1160
Gavin   410  1080
Sophie    420  360

Next up in our group is Julie Moses! I always look forward to her documentary style and storytelling images. This week her story tugged at my heart both as a momma and her friend.


  1. Wow - there are so many amazing shots in this week! I love them all, but that guitar, the soda machine, the hands, her portrait and that basketball one all made me gasp!

  2. I just love your documentary of your week. As Mel said, so many amazing shots this week!

  3. I really love following your work Tess. You have such a great gift! Each image stands alone so well and combined they are just perfect.

  4. You do such a great job documenting your life! I especially loved your out and about shots this week.