Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Year of Stories/Week 9

This past week I was feeling like I needed to pick up my camera and get busy. The last few weeks of February get me every time and I wanted out of the funk. So, I shot daily and here's what my week looked like to me...

happy meals
the last snow
typical weekend mornings
a little bit of Richmond
grilling out
signs of Spring

Now be sure to follow this blog circle of storytelling photographers for some inspiration today! Next up is my talented friend, Sonja Stich!


  1. As you already know, I'm obsessed with your straight portraits of your daughter - so good!

    Beautiful week!

  2. The images with your family are gorgeous as always, but my gracious. THESE NATURE IMAGES. DUDE. They are just spectacular. I think my funk just hit me in the last week or so. I've been really uninspired and unmotivated to pick up my camera. But as you say, sometimes the best medicine for that is to pick it up anyway and search for beauty. Bravo!