Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Year of Stories/ Week 13

A Year of Stories week 13 and you are going to love the blog circle this week! Next up is an absolute favorite of mine, Julie Mak!

We spent the first part of week 13, Spring Break, at home and then headed to the mountains for a long weekend. Here's how this one went...

Thanks for stopping in! XO


  1. You do black and whites so, incredibly well. It's just a room, and yet, you make it magic. That kind of photography - an inanimate still object -- is so challenging and you make it look effortless. Amazing. Your portraits, environmental portraits are just excellent. This looked like a wonderfully peaceful calming weekend that was just what the doctor ordered. I'm glad you chose to take us along for the memory ride.

  2. I always love seeing your week Tess! Hands down my favorite is the rain in the garage. So incredible!

  3. Oh Tess, I love seeing your work! I get such an amazing sense of space from them, I felt immediately calm and at peace looking at your images. Your break looks heavenly, the exact opposite of mine! :) Love your kids and their aviators!