Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Year of Stories/Week 27

Looks alot like summer around here. Layin' low. Enjoying the peacefulness of the season. Here are a few from our week...

A Year of Stories is a collaborative group of storytelling photographers sharing our images and prose with each other and you. Up next in our blog circle is a very favorite of mine, Sonja Stich. Go see all the beauty she captured on her trip to England...


  1. I am still searching for the right words to describe why I feel so comfortable looking at your photos. Peaceful definitely comes very close. Your serene compositions, the calming colors, your daughter´s beauty, every week I am looking forward to seeing your post.

    1. Wow, Sonja...this is just too kind. And coming from you because I feel the same about your art and love getting a glimpse of your life each week! XO

  2. Love all of these Tess, especially the one of father and daughter mirroring each other on their phones. Beautiful week! P.S. I totally agree with Sonja!

  3. Yes I agree with Sonja there is such a calm presence in your imagery! Love you Tess!

  4. *gasp* the fourth image in......swoon! I love it.