Monday, August 22, 2016

A Year of Stories/Week 33

Another weekend in the mountains! Soaking up the end of summer! Thanks for stopping by!

A Year of Stories is a collaborative group of storytelling photographers sharing our images and prose with each other and you. 
Up next in our blog circle is a very favorite of mine in beautiful Hawaii,
Allison Gipson! 


  1. I love all of the deep, rich colors in this post. This place just looks like paradise!

  2. *sigh* gorgeous! I love your sunset pic - it just feels so peaceful. Looks like a beautiful end to a great trip!

  3. It's so interesting to me how you get to know folks through their imagery. I've never met you, and yet, every single time I look at one of your posts I feel this deep, resonant sense of kinship. I love how you see. I feel there is such depth to your imagery. You are seeing and feeling and that is translating to the photography. You aren't taking pictures - it is SO MUCH MORE than that. Thank you for being part of this group and sharing of yourself, so I can see it.

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Carey! I feel so connected to you and your work as well. Thank you for your kind words! Made my week for sure!

  4. Your weekends always look so relaxing! The mountains and a few glasses of wine sounds great to me. I love all of the memories you capture every weekend.

  5. What a wonderful week! I'm swooning over your black and whites. So pretty!

  6. Awesome Pics!! I like the picture of you with the dog. Thanks for sharing

  7. Tess - Looks like such a wonderful, relaxing weekend! I love the ones of your daughter and the puppy, but my absolute favorite is that last one. WOW. What an amazing place to get away to every weekend!